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Is my presentation secure?

You're worried because your presentation is hosted in the cloud?  
You wonder if your presentation is secured?

To make it short: you can rest easy and safely, Ludus presentations are secure.

The magic of UUID

Ludus presentations are identified by UUIDs, which makes the URL impossible to guess, for example: Even if someone would run a script to try to guess all existing presentation URLs, it would take a virtually infinite time to get somewhere (and without any absolute certainty).

Hidden from search engine

We also use a meta tag to make all presentations invisible from search engines by default. You can be 100% sure your presentation will never appear in Google's search results, unless you want it to be. 3. On top of all that, we use Heroku, one of the best and most secure hosting services. Your data are also safe, as we rely on Heroku Postgres which provides continuous protection.

Careful with custom URLs

Be careful if you use custom URLs (a feature available in the PRO plan) because this makes your URLs much easier to guess. In that case, and if you want to keep your presentation secure, we recommend you to protect it with a password.