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Get started with Ludus! 🚀

Welcome to the Luds help center, the best place to start learning everything about Ludus. Creative presentations will have no secrets for you!

To have the greatest experience with Ludus, here are some tips 👇

  • Explore the User Guide, whih is also located in your dashboard. This presentation shows what you can do in Ludus. Deconstruct it, play with it and get inspired to create you own presentation afterwards.
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow our Medium blog to get either more inspiration or video tutorials.
  • Get some inspiration in our presentation gallery, which shows you what you can do with Ludus and you can even clone them in your dashboard! 😉
  • Start with our 10-15 minutes tutorial : if you need any help to create your first presentation and are ready to learn the basic features.

We recommend using a Chrome based browser for the best experience, even though Ludus is compatible with other modern browsers like Safari, Firefox and Edge. Always prefer the latest version of the browser anyway.

If you need any help or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!