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A typical Ludus Presentation


In this tutorial we'll rebuild the presentation of our first marketing video, which is an ideal way to become familiar with all the different possibilities with Ludus.

As a reminder here is the video:

Ludus, limitless creativity for your slides from Ludus on Vimeo.

How to proceed

Follow this 9 minutes tutorial and acquire the basic features of Ludus 😉. If you want to get the assets of the video you can just duplicate my presentation in your dashboard, right-click on the assets and save them on your computer.

At the end of this tutorial, you'll be able to:

  • Create a new presentation, name it and add tags
  • Differentiate the edit and view mode of your presentation
  • Add shapes and apply rotation to it
  • Manage your Text blocks: change your font size and font type
  • Use the basic keyboard shortcuts
  • Use the color manager and eye dropper
  • Upload images
  • Update an image from your Dropbox
  • Integrate a Youtube video and change its parameters
  • Integrate a 3D animation from Sketchfab and change its parameters
  • Add different Blend modes
  • Add a visual coming from one of our integrated stock images databases. (In this case Iconscout).
  • Apply a color overlay
  • Use the Smart Menu