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Publish a presentation

A Ludus presentation has two versions: draft and published. The draft version is only visible by you and other workspace members. The published one is visible by everyone with the link.

How to proceed

When editing a presentation, your changes are not published immediately. It’s first in a draft state where you can preview all the changes you made and only once you’re happy with the result you “publish” it to the outside world.

A presentation with changes to publish 👇


The same presentation after publishing 👇


Draft vs published version

It’s important to understand the draft of your presentation is only visible by you and your workspace members. And not visible by an outsider. The viewers will fall back to the last published version of the presentation.

This let you edit, confidently, an already shared presentation. You know nobody will see your “work in progress”. It’s also a very solid workflow to use inside a team: some members of your team work on the draft, this draft can then be reviewed by others and only once everyone is aligned you can publish it.

Important notes

  • Keep in mind that your title and thumbnail is also impacted by the draft/publish: it means if you change your presentation title, you’ll also have to publish the presentation.
  • The draft doesn't mean your published version is not accessible any more. The draft is always living alongside the published version.
  • The draft state is indicated by a warning red sign on the presentation: in the editor, but also in the dashboard.