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Check out our official gallery, we list the best presentations some of our users are willing to share. You can "clone" any of these presentations into your own account and start editing them.

How to clone the presentations?

Access first the presentation and then clone the presentation via the "clone" button in the viewer.


Need more inspiration?

Hereby a few more presentations you can use as a starting point

Presentation of the Marketing Video

This is the presentation showcased in our marketing video

Gradients everywhere

Add some gradients to your icons, backgrounds or blend modes.

How to crop?

Add animations and interactivity

Lottie, CodePen, Gifs, Spline... you can add some animations to your slides thanks to our multiple integrations.

Don't hesitate to read our help center articles about integrations.

Airtable in Ludus

Airtable works like a spreadsheet but gives you the power of a database to organize anything. Check our help center article about Airtable here.


Feel free to follow our blog to keep yourself updated about our last features and improvements, and get even more inspiration. Or ping someone in the app for any question or help 😉.