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PDF import

You can now import PDF files coming from PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides (or anything else, really) into Ludus.​

However, this is really the first step and it’s (voluntarily) pretty basic for now.

We chose PDF to begin with as it is the most standard format for documents out there and even if we’re only talking about presentation softwares here, you could totally import PDF from anywhere, as most of (if not all) content creation tools have PDF export options. You can even import your latest electricity bill and create an incredible presentation around it if you feel like it.

How to import your PDF?​

Hit the "import PDF" in your dashboard and a new presentation will be automatically created.

How to export to PDF from PowerPoint?​

How to export to PDF from Keynote?​

How to export to PDF from Google Slides?​


We’re not sure what should be the next step yet and that’s why we decided to keep it simple for this first move. Your feedback will help us decide what should be the next one so don't hesitate to share it! πŸ‘