Upload your pictures and videos from your computer.

#1 Drag & drop your file

If you need to add a video or a picture to your slides which is located on your computer, you can simply drag & drop your file(s) into your slide, wait for the loader to finish and it's done 🚀

#2 Search your file in your computer via your left menu.

Search in your left menu for the following items. 

The first one is meant for the upload of your picture(s) and the second one for the upload of your video(s). After clicking on one of those items, a window will pop-up and click on it to open your Finder window.

After upload, these files become elements that are part of your presentation. You can group/resize/copy/lock... them, and even make them part of a smart block.

Note: it may take more than a few seconds for bigger files (especially videos) to upload on our platform. The quality of your internet connexion may affect the duration as well.

The imported video is converted via our third party service so the end result should be optimised regarding the device playing it. The only down time is when your start playing it for the first time (this is when it is converted).