Tutorial: Manage your Dashboard

When you enter your Ludus account, you directly access your dashboard.


How do I organise my presentation?

You can create folders, located on the left, by creating tags. 

#1. When you create a presentation, you can either already insert a tag name to create a new folder or join an existing folder.

#2. When you hover-over one of your presentation, you can click on the last button of your right menu and you access the parameters (title and tags) of your presentation. In that case, you can always change or add tags to this presentation.

As you can see, you have a lot more functionalities in your right menu: access the edition mode, play the presentation, duplicate or remove it.

How do I duplicate or remove my presentation from my dashboard?

As mentioned above, when you hover-over a presentation in your dashboard. You access its parameters. In order to duplicate or remove your presentation, click on one of the following icons: the first one to duplicate and second one to remove.

How do I access the List View?

You can access the list view by hitting the third icons located in your header.

You'd like to know more?

Everything is explained in this blogpost. 🤓