Tutorial: Build your Smart Blocks

At Ludus, we believe templates are old fashioned 📠 So instead, we built the Smart Blocks 🤓

They enable you to save your own symbols or objects into one "block", then re-use them whenever you want and in seconds. They are added to your Smart Menu (⇥) automatically.

You can either save a single or more elements in one smart block or several and, along the way, create your own "templates". It should make you faster 🏎  and stronger 💪 Edit, rename and unlink, everything becomes possible with Smart blocks.

After this 10 minutes tutorial, you'll be able to:

  • Create a Smart Block with one or more items.
  • Find your Smart Blocks in the Smart Menu.
  • Reuse your Smart Block.
  • Edit a Smart Block.
  • Unlink a Smart Block and modify its elements.
  • Rename and Delete a Smart Block.

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