Smart Blocks

Presentations are usually filled with repetitive items: layout, logo, baseline, footer, arrows, etc. Transform these items into Smart Blocks to access them from anywhere, anytime. And when a Smart Block is updated, it gets populated across all your presentations.

Edit, rename and unlink, everything becomes possible with Smart Blocks 🚀

Create your Smart Block

Select one or more elements and click on "Add Smart Block" in your right menu. You can easily add tags to your Smart Block in order to add it in a specific folder. If you want more information about the tags systems, check this article.

Use your Smart Block

Go to your Smart Menu (⇥), either search directly by keyword or search in your Smart Block library.

Update your Smart Block

When you update your Smart Block, the modifications will be populated on the slides where you used this specific Smart Block. In order to update your Smart Block, you can either directly double click on it or go to your Smart Block and right click to edit it.


If you do not want your Smart Blocks to be edited in all your slides, just Unlink a specific Smart Block and make your changes. The button is located under the edit button.

Unfortunately you need to delete your Smart Block in all your presentations to be able to delete it in your Smart Block library.

Align your Text in your Smart Block

Define the origin center of your Smart Blocks. So if they get resized they use this new origin parameter. Combined with vertical alignement of the texts blocks itself it adds interesting possibilities.