Slide Manager

Our slide manager is located in your edit mode and lies under your slide.

You need to hit "Show slides" and you'll see, it's easy to use and quite intuitive by using the multiple keyboard shortcuts. ⌨️

Add or create a new slide
You can easily add a slide via the button located at the top of your editor. The new slide will appear after the selected slide. Or your can add a new slide via the button located at the end of your slide manager, the new slide will appear at the end of your presentation.

Select multiple slides

You can use ⌘ or Ctrl with keys to select multiple random slides in your slide manager or use ⇧ to select a row of slides. Use ⌘+A or Ctrl+A to select all slides of your presentation.

Reorder my slides

Select one or multiple slides and drag'n drop to the location where you'd like to place them.

Clone my slide

You can use the following keyboard shortcut in order to clone your slide. They’ll be placed right after the currently selection.

  • Use ⌘+C and ⌘+V or Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V 
  • Use Alt + drag
  • ⌘+D or Ctrl+D 

Remove my slide

Select your slide and use the "delete" button or ⌫ in your slide manager. If you deleted your slide by mistake, use ⌘+Z or Ctrl+Z to undo your action.

"I want to know more"

Read our following blogpost to know everything about our slide manager.