Live collaboration

The live collaboration allows multiple users to simultaneously edit presentations.

How to use it
The way the live collaboration works is nothing that will be very surprising to you if you already use tools like Figma or Miro.

All the changes you make will directly be replicated for all the others people that are currently editing the presentation as well, and the other way around. You’ll also be able to see which objects are currently selected by others, and where their cursors are located. And yes, you can undo it!
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The draft mode
All your changes won’t be published automatically as soon as you make them. We now have these notions of working copy and published copy, and you’ll have to publish your presentation manually, as soon as you’re happy with how it looks. This will prevent people to see a presentation in a weird state if you decide to change it after you already shared its URL.
The way it works is very simple. As soon as you make a change in a presentation, the Share button located on top of the editor will change and invite you to publish the changes you just made. When you click on Publish changes, you'll be able to publish the presentation, but also see the draft version in the viewer (to see what you're gonna publish) and the currently published version, also in the viewer.
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