How to set up my custom domain?

It is possible to replace our domain of your presentations with a subdomain of your own website, for example, It is only available on our team plan.

Your branded URLs look much more professional when you share them with your own domain. This obviously increases your customers' trust. According to, a branded URL can increase click-through rates by up to 34%.

How does a custom domain work?

Even if the URLs indicate your domain, all your presentations are still hosted on our servers in the cloud.  You continue to create slides with your Ludus account, as you normally do. We simply link your team account to your domain, so when a visitor clicks on your brand URL, they see your presentation.

To do this, you'll also need to do a little technical configuration on your side.
But, stay calm, this is a one-off, and all your presentations, new and olds, will be available via your own URL.

Can I add a custom domain to my trial account?

Yes, of course, you will be able to test this feature during the trial period.

Can become a start page with all my presentations on it?

Not at the moment, but this is something we're currently evaluating. If that kind of feature would be useful for you, let us know.

Can I create multiple branded URLs?

In the Ludus team plan, you can only have one branded URL. So you can use either or, but not both at the same time.

How will a custom domain work with search engines?

Currently, Ludus presentations are not indexed in search engines, for privacy reasons.

Can I use a special domain like and don't use a subdomain?

No, sorry, we only support subdomains that look like or similar.

Is it possible to change my subdomain?

Yes, it is possible to change your subdomain.

But you should know that this will break all existing URLs. For example, if one of your presentations is located at and you want to change it to (or to, people viewing the old URL will get a "Page Not Found" error (404).

But if the need arises (such as a change of company brand, for example), you can update your subdomain in your team settings.

I am concerned about security; how does this work exactly?

From a technical viewpoint, you will need to create a TXT record in your DNS (to verify that you own the domain), then a CNAME record. A CNAME (canonical name) is a type of DNS record that binds an alias to a valid domain name.

We then obtain an SSL certificate for the full domain After you change the CNAME, you lose active control over the content published under We guarantee that we won’t publish any other content there or change your content in any way. Only your slides will be stored there, exactly the way you designed them. No third-party content, no ads, no pop-ups.

A promise is a promise!

Where can I change this in Ludus? 

From your settings, you can follow the few steps to have your custom domain set up.

How do I configure the TXT and CNAME records?

To set up the TXT and CNAME records, it’s probably best to contact the administrator of your website or your domain provider for assistance. But the general way to create a DNS record will be outlined in the instructions you get from the team settings. The record should be created on those servers to which the domain is managed.

How long does it take for my subdomain to be active?

Once your domain is set up, it can take up to 24-48 hours to operate. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to speed up this delay.

This is inherent to the way the internet works 🤭