How to organize my Smart Blocks with the tags system?

You can easily organize your Smart Blocks in the Smart Menu thanks to the tags system. It works like the dashboard.

Psssh! If you don't remember, check this article for the dashboard management.

When you create a new Smart Block, it's asked to add a title and tags. The tags allow you to create folders in your Smart Block library. 

Watch in this video how it works 

Hence, no need to create long titles and you can easily create categories for your clients' projects for instance.

Would you like to rename, add a tag or change the tag of your Smart block?

Go in your Smart Menu (⇥) and right click on your Smart Block. Choose Properties and a window will pop up.

Update then easily the name of your Smart Block and its tags 🙂. You can add as many tags you want to your Smart Block to add it to multiple folders.