How I hyperlink the pages of the presentation itself?

It can happen that you would like to refer to a specific slide in your presentation. Good news, it is totally possible!

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How do I proceed?

  1. Select the object which you would like to add an hyperlink
  2. Insert to the hyperlink field located on the bottom right corner when you select your element the symbol "#" and the number of the page you would like to refer, for instance, "#4" to refer to slide 4. Or you can either type "previous" or "next" if you would like to refer to the previous or next slide.
  3. Click "Enter" (↩︎ )

"I would like to share a specific slide to my audience"

The URL link of your presentation is, for instance :
If you would like to share page number "3" of this presentation,
You should add at the end of your URL link "#3" :