How do I insert a hyperlink?

You can easily add a hyperlink to your elements.


Steps to Follow

  1. Click on your object or text
  2. At the bottom right corner, a tab "Hyperlink" should appear 
  3. Tick the box - Enter your URL link and click on "Enter" (↩︎)

Be sure to push on "Enter" after encoding your URL link, otherwise the platform will not save your hyperlink.

How do I link to another slide of my presentation?

Another use of that feature is to build a dynamic link towards another slide of the same presentation. To do so, just add  "#" + the number of the slide. 

In the example below ⤵️, it links to the slide 3 of the presentation:

You can also either type "next" or "previous" to refer to the next or previous slide 🙂