How do I duplicate or remove a slide?

It's quite easy to duplicate or remove a slide by using the universal keyboard shortcuts. ⌨️

Select multiple slides

Use ⇧+⌘ or ⇧+Ctrl with keys to select multiple slides. You can use ⌘+A or Ctrl +A to select all slides of your presentation.

Duplicate my slide

Select your slide and use ⌘+C and ⌘+V or Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V in your slide manager. You can use ⌘+D or Ctrl+D to duplicate the currently selected slides. They’ll be placed right after the currently selection.

Remove my slide

Select your slide and use the "delete" button or ⌫ in your slide manager. If you deleted your slide by mistake, use ⌘+Z or Ctrl+Z to undo your action.

"I want to know more"

Read our following blogpost to know everything about our slide manager.