How can I share or embed my presentation?

With Ludus you don't need to worry about file format, fonts and compatibility issues. You simply share a link.

Share your presentation link:

To share the URL of your presentation with anyone, simply hit the button "share" located at the top of your editor and copy the link.

Protect by password.

You can choose a password to protect it from public access (you and your team won't need the password to see or edit this presentation)

Custom URL

In this panel you can as well specify a custom URL, or more precisely a custom SLUG. After you can choose whatever you want (if available)

Hide your presentation from public access
If for any reason you need to hide a presentation from public access: you can unpublish it and it will only be viewable by yourself and your team. 

Embed your presentation on another website 

You can also embed your Ludus presentation on a website. This time go into the viewer (by clicking on "present" button) and then choose the share button in the top bar and then the embed tab:

How do I share a specific slide of my presentation?

If you would like to refer to a specific slide, use the URL link of your presentation and just add # + the slide number you want to link.

Example: URL link of a presentation referring to slide number 4 :