Is it possible to download Ludus as a desktop application?

Ludus is fully web-based, but you can download it as a Chrome Application, and it's probably more useful than you think :-)

How to install it?

From the URL bar in Chrome, you'll see a small icon to install Ludus on your desktop. Once you click it, Chrome will instantly open Ludus in its own application. It's really that simple.

On Mac, you'll see the app icon in your dock, or in your task bar on Windows. 

Is it really useful? 

You'll still need an internet access to use Ludus, so why bother to install this?

1. It has its own process

The Ludus chrome application is isolated from other Chrome opened websites. So if Chrome crash, Ludus will remain open. It "should" also allow Ludus to keep more consistent performances (as it will not directly share CPU access with other tabs)

2. Easy to find

When you're working with many tabs open, it may become difficult to find which tab is Ludus. But as an application it's very easy to find it with Alt-Tab or in your dock/task bar. 

3. Fast to launch

As a desktop application, it will become much more efficient to launch, for example on Mac, you can instantly find it via the Spotlight search. 

How to manage Chrome apps?

You can access all your Chrome apps by going to chrome://apps (in Chrome obviously). You can then choose to uninstall an app, create another shortcuts, or just check which app is currently installed on your desktop.