Color manager

When you are building your presentation, you would certainly like to memorize your preferred colors or be able to easily access the colors used in your presentation.

Find here an overview of our color manager

How do I access it?

  1. Click on the colored rectangle icon meant for that purpose and change the related property (fill, stroke, shadow or color overlay).
  2. A small window will pop-up

What can I do in this color manager?

As you can see on the right side, you can have access to different categories of color library. You have 3 possibilities:

  1. My colors: you can find your personal preferred colors in this section.
  2. My Team colors: if you have a team account, there are the preferred colors saved by you or your teammates.
  3. My Document colors: all colors used in the current presentation are to be found here. That way, you can also control if you used the adequate and initial colors in your presentation. No colors can be removed in this section since the colors get dynamically populated.

How do I remove a color in my color library?

Select the color you'd like to remove, and use ⌥ + click or ALT + click.

How do I access the color picker?

You can either click on the eye dropper icon to access it or you can use the keyboard shortcut "i" to directly use it. You can have more information about it, in our blogpost:

For the MacOS X users, if you would like to access the MacOS X eye dropper, you still can. Use Google Chrome and open the color manager in Ludus. Click on the color rectangle on the left side and a new window will pop-up with the MacOS X color picker.

How do I apply gradients?

If you'd like to apply gradients like a pro, read our help center article about gradients.